28 Nov 2018
Geography & Sustainable Development – Statistics Research collaboration workshop

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Seminar Room, The Observatory: 2:00 PM, 28 Nov 2018



The purpose of this mini-workshop is to explore the potential for research collaborations between members of the School of Geography & Sustainable Development (SGSD) and statisticians from the School of Mathematics & Statistics.  The Population & Health research group from SGSD will give short overviews of their work.  We will then each briefly introduce ourselves and our research before breaking into small groups to discuss possible work of mutual interest.  Please come along to hear a little about what those from the other School are up to, possibly make some useful research contacts, and socialize. 

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19 Dec 2018
Wildlife photography, Prof Steve Buckland, University of St Andrews.

Prof. Steve Buckland (CREEM, University of St.Andrews)
Seminar Room, The Observatory: 2:00 PM, 19 Dec 2018

A personal selection of images, and a discussion of how wildlife photography can contribute to biodiversity monitoring.

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16 Jan 2019
Towards detection of animals in aerial photography, Chrissy Fell, University of St.Andrews.

Chrissy Fell (University of St.Andrews)
Seminiar Room, The Observatory: 2:00 PM, 16 Jan 2019
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13 Feb 2019
Toman Barsbai, University of St Andrews. Title tba

Toman Barsbai (University of St Andrews)
Seminar Room, The Observatory: 2:00 PM, 13 Feb 2019
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