02 Dec 2020
Spatially-coupled hidden Markov models for short-term forecasting of wind speeds - Vianey Leos Barajas (University of Toronto)

Vianey Leos Barajas (University of Toronto)
, The Observatory: 2:00 PM, 02 Dec 2020RefID: 2010 click to edit (admin only)

27 Jan 2021
Gravitational wave statistics - Steve Drasco, Maths, University of St.Andrews.

Steve Drasco (University of St.Andrews)
Seminar Room, The Observatory: 2:00 PM, 27 Jan 2021

: I will survey some applications of statistics to the newly successful field of observing gravitational waves (propagating disturbances of spacetime curvature produced by energetic and distant events in the cosmos).

RefID: 2008 click to edit (admin only)

03 Feb 2021
Robust Audio Sensing with Multi-Sound Classification - Dr Erica Ye, University of St.Andrews

Dr Erica Ye (University of St.Andrews)
, The Observatory: 2:00 PM, 03 Feb 2021RefID: 2012 click to edit (admin only)

24 Feb 2021
Title tba, Dr Gideon Bradfurd,Michigan State University.

Dr Gideon Bradfurd (Michigan State University)
, The Observatory: 2:00 PM, 24 Feb 2021RefID: 2011 click to edit (admin only)

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