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I am a MASTS Research Fellow at CREEM, University of St Andrews. I work at the intersection of ecology, statistics, and information visualisation. Much of my work is on animal movement, and recently I have focused on the interplay between body condition and movement in marine organisms. The goal of most of this work is to understand the times and places when animals may be more or less vulnerable to human disturbance. I also maintain an active interest in ecological connectivity. In addition, I have started a new project funded by a SULSA LEADERS award to look at movement patterns and smoking behaviours in humans.


Recent Publications:

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An experiment of the impact of a neonicotinoid pesticide on honeybees Robert Schilling Schick, Jeremy John Greenwood, Stephen Terrence Buckland
Environmental Sciences Europe 2017 vol. 29
MapMySmoke Robert Schilling Schick, Tom Kelsey, John Marston, Kay Sampson, Gerald Michael Humphris
Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2017 vol. 4
MapMySmoke–a context aware mobile phone application targeted at smoking cessation Robert Schilling Schick, Gerald Michael Humphris, Tom Kelsey, Marston John, Sampson Kay
Monitoring population-level responses of marine mammals to human activities Erica Fleishman, Daniel P. Costa, John Harwood, Scott Kraus, David Moretti, Leslie F. New, Robert Schilling Schick, Lisa K. Schwarz, Samantha E. Simmons, Len Thomas, Randall S. Wells
Marine Mammal Science 2016 vol. 32 pp. 1004-1021
An interim framework for assessing the population consequences of disturbance Robert Schilling Schick, Carl Robert Donovan, Mark Burgman, Len Thomas, John Harwood
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2015 vol. 6 pp. 1150-1158