Dr Chris Sutherland:

Dr Chris Sutherland
The Observatory
Buchanan Gardens
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9LZ

tel: (44) (0) 1334 461803
room: 114

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Recent Publications:

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Fast, flexible alternatives to regular grid designs for spatial capture-recapture Ian Noel Durbach, David Louis Borchers, Chris Sutherland, Koustubh Sharma
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2021 vol. 12 pp. 298-310
Mesocarnivore community structuring in the presence of Africa's apex predator Gonçalo Curveira-Santos, Chris Sutherland, Simone Tenan, Albert Fernández-Chacón, Gareth K. H. Mann, Ross T. Pitman, Lourens H. Swanepoel
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2021 vol. 288
One Size Does Not Fit All: Relationships between Size of Family Forest Holdings and Owner Attitudes and Behaviors Brett J Butler, Jesse Caputo, Amanda L Robillard, Emma M Sass, Chris Sutherland
Journal of Forestry 2021 vol. 119 pp. 28-44
Optimal sampling design for spatial capture-recapture Gates Dupont, J. Andrew Royle, Muhammad Ali Nawaz, Chris Sutherland
Ecology 2021 vol. 102
Responses of carnivore assemblages to decentralized conservation approaches in a South African landscape Gonçalo Curveira-Santos, Chris Sutherland, Margarida Santos-Reis, Lourens H Swanepoel
Journal of Applied Ecology 2021 vol. 58 pp. 92-103