Miss Claudia Faustino:
Postgraduate student

Miss Claudia Faustino

Miss Claudia Faustino
The Observatory
Buchanan Gardens
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9LZ

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I am a cottutelle student doing a joint PhD between the University of Aveiro (CESAM, School of Biology, in Portugal) and the University of St Andrews (CREEM, School of Mathmatics and Statistics). I am being locally supervised by Dr Monique Mackenzie and also Dr Lindesay Scott-Hayward.


My main motivation is to learn stats to apply to biology and conservation questions and the big research questions I'm looking into are:

  • how does animal movement/ distribution change along time and its geographical range?
  • what makes the prefered hotpots more appealing than the other areas?
  • what behaviour is taking place on those hotspots? and in the remainder of the geographical range?
  • what measures could be implemented to reduce animal population declines and human-wildlife conflict?


My background is marine biology and I've done quite some work with marine mammals. The PhD has nonetheless diverted me to an amazing dataset from GPS tags deployed in the African Savannah, so I am currently "a marine biologist who is moonlighting with some lovely vulture data..." =]



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Another recent publication:

Moura A.E., Silva S.E., SPEA, Correia A.M., Sousa-Pinto I., Gil A., Freitas L., Ribeiro C., Carvalho A., Dinis A., Alves F., Ferreira R., Azevedo J.M.V., Fernández M., Cecchetti A., Medeiros R., Machete M., Silva H., González L., Faustino C., Carvalho I., Brito C., Martinho F., IFAW/MCR & Sillero N. Marine Mammals (in Portuguese) In: Bencatel, J., Álvares, F., Moura, A. E. & Barbosa, A. M. (eds.), 2017. Atlas de Mamíferos de Portugal. Universidade de Évora, Portugal. Available from


source: symbiosis

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Designing a shipboard line transect survey to estimate cetacean abundance off the Azores archipelago Claudia Estevinho Santos Faustino, Tiago A. Marques, Len Thomas
Arquipélago - Life and Marine Sciences 2010 vol. 27 pp. 49-58