James Russell

Rhona Rodger
Monday 20 November 2023
Date: 29 November 2023
Time: 2:00 pm

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Title: Introduced rodent management on islands

Abstract: This talk will be incredibly applied in content and light on analytical details providing an overview of a lifetime drawing upon diverse analytical approaches to addressing the impacts and management of introduced rodents on islands. The results presented will include those that have utilised population differential equation modelling, spatially explicit capture recapture analyses, proof-of-absence (false absence) modelling, probabilistic genetic assignment of individuals, individual agent-based models, survival analyses and gradient-boosted decision trees. Overall, the talk will present an example of how a broad training in ecology and statistics can empower a practitioner to wield an incredibly diverse analytical tool kit in pursuit of high impact conservation outcomes. References to all material will be provided for those who wish to dive-deeper into particular elements, or meet with the speaker who is on sabbatical at the University of Aberdeen until Christmas.

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