Chrissy Fell and Ben Baer

Rhona Rodger
Tuesday 5 September 2023
Date: 13 September 2023
Time: 2:00 pm

Speaker: Dr Chrissy Fell, University of St Andrews

Title: Examples of deep learning applied to medical and ecological images.

Abstract: In this talk I will discuss three projects I have been working on applying deep learning to images. The first project is creating an automated classifier for images of endometrial and cervical biopsies that allows prioritisation of pathology workloads. The second project I will talk about is automatically detecting animals in aerial images. Finally I will explain my recent work on using brain MRI scans from the UK Biobank to classify if someone is at high or low genetic risk of mental health condition.

Speaker: Dr Ben Baur, University of St Andrews

Title: Some problems I’m working on

Abstract: The talk has three parts in which an overview of an estimation framework I now commonly use is sandwiched by some problems I’m working on. In the first part, a problem involving a barely identified discrete parameter in a highly structured model is presented. After, the failure of various Bayes estimators with non-informative priors is briefly described. In the second part, some aspects of data coarsening and semi- and non-parametric efficiency theory are explained alongside examples from causal inference and survival analysis. In the third part, several ongoing projects involving coarsening or efficiency theory are presented with a frame or two per project. The audience is encouraged to frequently stop me with comments and questions.