Information for Registrants 2016

This  page is intended to provide those already signed up for the workshops with additional information. More information may be added regularly in the run-up to the  workshops.

One major component of the workshop is the computer sessions, in which you will learn how to use the distance sampling software Distance. We will be using the latest version of Distance. Participants are welcome to bring their own laptop computer, although there are machines available in the workshop classroom. Please make sure your laptop meets the minimum requirements for loading and running Distance.  More information about program Distance and computer hardware requirements can be found on the website

If you’re keen, you may want to have a look at a previous edition of the distance sampling reference book, which is available on-line here.

If you are planning on bringing some of your own data to the workshop, you should read about how to prepare your data for use in Distance.


If  you have any questions that are not addressed here, please contact the workshop administrator (telephone information and address on workshop main page).