Estimating animal abundance: open populations

Modelling Population Dynamics
Chapter 9: Integration Methods

To run the code presented, simply press Run in the upper right-hand corner of the frame. You can explore the code further by pressing Edit. This will take you to a website where you can edit the code and explore all of the figures produced by the code. The code will take longer to run on the server than on your local machine, so have some patience.

If the code fails to run or is subject to delays on, run it on your local machine, after installing R. To download the code to your machine, select all text inside the frame, copy to clipboard, and paste into an editor on your machine. Note each piece of code has file(s) containing helper functions listed in the top two lines of code. Download those files onto your machine as well for the code to function. Lapwing recovery matrix (Table 9.1)

Section 9.3.1 Data, models and integrated modelling

Kalman filter with simulated data