Estimating Animal Abundance: Errata

Errata in the first printing of the book

page where on page correction
3 line 4 “50m by 80m” should be “50m by 100m”.
3 first line “quarter” should be “eighth”.
3 Figure1.1 Some dots overlap one another, which is why there appear to be fewer than 25 dots in the figure.
100 line 12-13 “Chen and Hoenig” should be “Chen et al.”.
105 Likelihood function The second product in likelihood function should be over , not .
110 Equation (6.6) Power of second occurence of p2 should be m2, not u2.
141 last line  should be .
141 Equation (7.11)  should be.
153,4 All occurences of u as number of points, should be J, for consistency with the notation of Section 7.3.2 onwards.
211 last Equation The unnumbered equation should be Equation (11.17) – it is referred to in later text.All equation numbers in chapter 7 after this should have 1 added to their number: e.g. Equation (11.17) on page 212 should be Equation (11.18), and so on.
218 Equation (11.24)  should be
218 Equation (11.25)  should be
246 line 3 in box “cector” should be “vector”
261 1st para Sec. 13.5.2 Add ‘be’ before “accommodated”
261 1st para Sec. 13.5.2 Change “meta” to “sub” on lines 3 and 4
283 line 7 Remove second “about”
294 2nd para Change “With a static population the,” to “With a static population, the”
295 Equations (D2), (D3) Subscript s should be s*
295 Equation (D4)  should be
295 line above Eqn. (D5) s should be (s+1)