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Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
vol.First View 
2018 (1/4)
Current Zoology
vol.64 pp.213-221
2017 (9)
vol.234 pp.1-6
2016 (11)
Journal of Ecology
vol.104 pp.1819-1828
2015 (24/9)
Nature Communications
Rapid biotic homogenization of marine fish assemblages
Anne Magurran, Maria Dornelas, Faye Helen Moyes, Nicholas J Gotelli, Brian McGill 
2014 (18/4)
vol.344 pp.296-299
Assemblage time series reveal biodiversity change but not systematic loss
Maria Dornelas, Nicholas J Gotelli, Brian McGill, Hideyasu Shimadzu, Faye Helen Moyes, Anne Magurran