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2018 (2)
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
vol.28 pp.216-230
Cetacean rapid assessment: an approach to fill knowledge gaps and target conservation across large data deficient areas
Gillian Tracey Braulik, Magreth Kasuga, Anja Wittich, Jeremy J Kiszka, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Said Shaib Said, Philip Steven Hammond 
Keywords: Cetaceans, Distribution, Environmental impact assessement, Management, Marine spatial planning, Rapid assessment, Tanzania

Journal of Fish Biology
vol.Early View 

Marine Mammal Science
vol.34 pp.997-1017
2017 (10)
Advances in Statistical Analysis
vol.101 pp.461-474
2016 (6)
Fisheries Research
vol.178 pp.101-113
Purse-seine vessels as platforms for monitoring the population status of dolphin species in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean
Cleridy E. Lennert-Cody, Mark N. Maunder, Paul C. Fiedler, Mihoko Minami, Tim Gerrodette, Jeremy Rusin, Carolina V. Minte-Vera, Michael Scott, Stephen Terrence Buckland 
Keywords: Dolphin abundance, Line-transect, CPUE, Bycatch, Generalized additive model
2015 (15/9)
Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems
vol.3 pp.102-113
Endangered Species Research
vol.29 pp.51-58
2015 (21/1)
Journal of Theoretical Biology
vol.365 pp.67-75
2014 (12)
Journal of Applied Ecology
vol.51 pp.1650-1660
2014 (22/9)
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
2014 (3)
vol.37 pp.212-220
Prioritizing global marine mammal habitats using density maps in place of range maps
Joanna Grand, Sascha Kate Hooker, Stephen Terrence Buckland, Randall R. Reeves, Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho, Doug Sandilands, Kristin Kaschner 
Keywords: Marine systems, Range maps, Density maps, Marine mammal habitats, Species richness, Conservation
2013 (1)
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
2011 (2/9)