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2018 (1/12)
Avian Conservation and Ecology
2018 (27/3)

(Other report)
2017 (15/6)
vol.73 pp.593-602
2017 (11)
Methods in Ecology and Evolution
vol.8 pp.1558-1565
Distance sampling with camera traps
Stephen Terrence Buckland, Marie-Lyne Despres-Einspenner, Hjalmar Kuhn 
Keywords: Animal abundance, Camera trapping, Density, Distance sampling, Maxwell's duiker
2017 (9)
Environmental and Ecological Statistics
vol.24 pp.399-414
2016 (3)
Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics
vol.21 pp.58-75
Model-based distance sampling
Stephen Terrence Buckland, Cornelia Sabrina Oedekoven, David Louis Borchers 
Keywords: Distance sampling, Line transect sampling, Model-based inference, Point transect sampling
2016 (6)
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
vol.98 pp.79-90
Using hierarchical centering to facilitate a reversible jump MCMC algorithm for random effects models
Cornelia Sabrina Oedekoven, R. King , Stephen Terrence Buckland, Monique Lea MacKenzie, K. O. Evans, L. W Burger Jr. 
Keywords: Combined likelihood, "Metropolis Hastings", Point transect sampling, Random effects, Reparameterisation

Distance sampling
Stephen Terrence Buckland, Eric Rexstad, Tiago A. Marques, Cornelia Sabrina Oedekoven 
2014 (1/6)
Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics
vol.19 pp.219-239
2013 (11)
Methods in Ecology and Evolution
vol.4 pp.1001-1010