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2016 (9)

2015 (5)

Adiponectin and insulin in gray seals during suckling and fasting
J. Hughes, S. Stamatas, S. Brand, N.L. Foster, S.E.W. Moss, Patrick Pomeroy 
Keywords: NERC
2015 (14/3)

2014 (11/6)

Cardiac myoglobin deficit has evolved repeatedly in teleost fishes
Daniel J. Macqueen, Daniel Garcia de la Serrana Castillo, Ian Alistair Johnston 
Keywords: Myoglobin, Oxygen supply, Fish evolution, Climate change, Thermal tolerance, Limitation, Expression, Oxygen
2013 (6/9)

2012 (17/12)

Development temperature has persistent effects on muscle growth responses in gilthead sea bream
Daniel Garcia de la Serrana Castillo, Vera Lucia Almeida Vieira-Johnston, Karl B Andree, Maria Darias, Alicia Estévez, Enric Gisbert, Ian Alistair Johnston 
2012 (11/5)

2012 (7/6)

Universal scaling rules predict evolutionary patterns of myogenesis in species with indeterminate growth
Ian Alistair Johnston, Bjarni K. Kristjansson, Charles G. M. Paxton, Vera Lucia Almeida Vieira-Johnston, Daniel John MacQueen, Michael A. Bell 
Keywords: Parallel evolution, Dwarfism, Muscle fibres, Threespine stickleback, Arctic charr, Scaling laws