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Methods in Ecology and Evolution
vol.Early View 
Model selection with overdispersed distance sampling data
Stephen Terrence Buckland, Marie-Lyne Després-Einspenner, Hjalmar S. Kühl 
Keywords: Animal abundance, Camera trapping, Cue counting, Distance sampling, Model selection, Overdispersion, QAIC
2017 (6)
Journal of Applied Ecology
vol.54 pp.894-902
Counting chirps
G. John Measey, Ben Stevenson, tanya scott, Res Altwegg, David Louis Borchers 
Keywords: Acoustic spatially explicit capture-recapture, Signal strength, Time of arrival, Triangulation, Anurans
2017 (9)
Environmental and Ecological Statistics
vol.24 pp.399-414
2016 (6)
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
vol.173 pp.47-63
2015 (20/3)
PLoS One
2014 (1/6)
Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics
vol.19 pp.219-239
2014 (1)
ICES Journal of Marine Science
vol.71 pp.81-89
2012 (8)
Ecological Monographs
vol.82 pp.335-349
2012 (23/2)
Marine Ecology Progress Series
vol.448 pp.155-170