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2016 (9)

2016 (10/3)

Dynamic modulation of phosphoprotein expression in ovarian cancer xenograft models
Simon Langdon, In Hwa Um, Charlene Kay, Kyle Francis, David James Harrison, V Anne Smith 
Keywords: Ovarian cancer, Carboplatin, Pacltaxel, Xenograft, Prognosis, Phosphoproteins
2015 (5)

Adiponectin and insulin in gray seals during suckling and fasting
J. Hughes, S. Stamatas, S. Brand, N.L. Foster, S.E.W. Moss, Patrick Pomeroy 
Keywords: NERC
2015 (14/3)

2015 (23/12)

Maternal oxytocin is linked to close mother-infant proximity in grey seals (Halichoerus grypus)
Kelly Joanne Robinson, Sean D. Twiss, Neil Hazon, Patrick Pomeroy 
Keywords: NERC
2015 (8/6)

2015 (23/3)

The effect of animal movement on line transect estimates of abundance
Richard Glennie, Stephen Terrence Buckland, Len Thomas 
2014 (11/6)

Cardiac myoglobin deficit has evolved repeatedly in teleost fishes
Daniel J. Macqueen, Daniel Garcia de la Serrana Castillo, Ian Alistair Johnston 
Keywords: Myoglobin, Oxygen supply, Fish evolution, Climate change, Thermal tolerance, Limitation, Expression, Oxygen

(Conference contribution)
Inference of circadian regulatory networks
Marco Grzegorczyk, V Anne Smith, Dirk Husmeier 
Keywords: Regulatory network inference, Circadian clock, ANOVA
2013 (5)

2013 (6/9)

2013 (11/6)

Rapidly evolving genes and stress adaptation of two desert poplars, Populus euphratica and P. pruinosa
Jian Zhang, Penghui Xie, Martin Lascoux, Thomas Robert Meagher, Jianquan Liu 
2012 (17/12)

Development temperature has persistent effects on muscle growth responses in gilthead sea bream
Daniel Garcia de la Serrana Castillo, Vera Lucia Almeida Vieira-Johnston, Karl B Andree, Maria Darias, Alicia Estévez, Enric Gisbert, Ian Alistair Johnston 
2012 (11/5)