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My PhD is entitled Incorporating Animal Movement with Distance Sampling and Spatial Capture-Recapture 

Supervised by Prof. Stephen T. Buckland.

My research interests are in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science; in particular, using knowledge from these fields to solve problems in statistical ecology.

Statistical Ecology
  • Distance Sampling: animal movement
  • Spatial Capture-Recapture: movement, open populations, habitat use, continuous-time
  • Animal Movement: continuous-time, behaviour-switching
Mathematics & Statistics
  • Hidden Markov Models
  • Path Integration: computing functional integrals efficiently
  • Continuous-time Stochastic Processes: Wiener process and extensions
Computer Science
  • Software development in R and C++
  • Matrix Methods: Krylov subspaces, Fast-Fourier Transform, Sparse Matrices
  • Object-Orientated Programming


Recent Publications:

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