Prof Rosemary Bailey:
Professor of Statistics

Design and analysis of experiments, including complicated blocking structures, complicated treatment structures, and multi-phase experiments. Applications in agriculture, horticulture, biodiversity, clinical trials.

Combinatorics, including bliock designs, row-column designs, neighbour-balanced designs, and association schemes.

Finite group theory, in particular the role of permutation groups in the randomization of experimental designs, and the role of finite Abelian groups in the construction of factorial designs.


source: symbiosis

Recent Publications:

5 (of 174 published available) for rab24 (source: University of St Andrews PURE)
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Equitable partitions of Latin-square graphs Rosemary Anne Bailey, Peter Jephson Cameron, Alexander L. Gavrilyuk, Sergey V. Goryainov
Journal of Combinatorial Designs 2019 vol.27 pp.142-160
Multi-part balanced incomplete-block designs Rosemary Anne Bailey, Peter Jephson Cameron
Statistical Papers 2019 vol.60 pp.55-76
Substitutes for the non-existent square lattice designs for 36 varieties (Extended Abstract) Rosemary Anne Bailey, Peter Jephson Cameron
2019 vol.35 pp.11-13
Effects of neonicotinoids on bees: an invalid experiment Rosemary Anne Bailey, Jeremy John Greenwood
Ecotoxicology 2018 vol.27 pp.1-7
Sesqui-arrays, a generalisation of triple arrays Rosemary Anne Bailey, Peter Jephson Cameron, Tomas Nilson
Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 2018 vol.71 pp.427-451