Prof Rosemary Bailey:
Professor of Statistics

I have  been a half-time Professor of Statistics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics since 2013.  My previous jobs included ten years in agricultural research at Rothamsted Experimental Station,  as well as professorships at Goldsmiths College, University of London and Queen Mary University of London.

My research falls into three main areas, as follows.

(1) Design and analysis of experiments, including complicated blocking structures, complicated treatment structures, and multi-phase experiments. Applications in agriculture, horticulture, biodiversity in ecology, clinical trials.

(2) Combinatorics, including block designs, row-column designs, neighbour-balanced designs, and association schemes.

(3) Finite group theory, in particular the role of permutation groups in the randomization of experimental designs, and the role of finite Abelian groups in the construction of factorial designs.

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Recent Publications:

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