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The main focus of my research is the use of acoustic data to monitor wildlife populations.  Acoustic data can be used to survey many terrestrial and marine animals.  In particular, I work on methods to estimate the abundance of marine mammal species.

More information about my research and projects that I have worked on can be found on my personal webpage.



Recent Publications:

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Detections of whale vocalizations by simultaneously deployed bottom-moored and deep-water mobile autonomous hydrophones Selene Fregosi, Danielle Harris, Haruyoshi Matsumoto, David K. Mellinger, Jay Barlow, Simone Baumann-Pickering, Holger Klinck
Frontiers in Marine Science 2020 vol. 7
Fin whale acoustic presence and song characteristics in seas to the southwest of Portugal Andreia Pereira, Danielle Harris, Peter Lloyd Tyack, Luis Matias
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 2020 vol. 147 pp. 2235-2249
Roaring and repetition Aaron M. Thode, Susanna B. Blackwell, Alexander S. Conrad, Katherine H. Kim, Tiago A. Marques, Len Thomas, Cornelia Sabrina Oedekoven, Danielle Harris, Koen Broker
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 2020 vol. 147 pp. 2061-2080
A review of unmanned vehicles for the detection and monitoring of marine fauna Ursula K. Verfuss, Ana Sofia Aniceto, Danielle Harris, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Sophie Fielding, Guillermo Jiménez, Phil Johnston, Rachael R. Sinclair, Agnar Sivertsen, Stian A. Solbø, Rune Storvold, Martin Biuw, Roy Wyatt
Marine Pollution Bulletin 2019 vol. 140 pp. 17-29
Comparison of estimated 20-Hz pulse fin whale source levels from the tropical Pacific and Eastern North Atlantic Oceans to other recorded populations Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds, Danielle Harris, Kevin D. Heaney
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 2019 vol. 146 pp. 2373-2384