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Distance Sampling Workshops ONLINE

Distance Sampling

If you have wanted to learn about distance sampling, but have not been able to attend one of our workshops, those workshop materials are now available online.

We have generated 21 videos of our lectures described by workshop instructors here in St Andrews.  There are also PDFs of the lectures. In addition, there are 12 exercises, complete with description, data and discussion of solutions.  There are narrated demonstrations of working with the distance sampling software, Distance.

We have plans for covering additional content by adding to the online offering.  In future, there may also be live webinars working through exercises and datasets.

Please try it out and provide feedback to us. We hope having these materials on line will promote best practices and assist in management of wildlife populations around the world.


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contact: Dr Eric Rexstad

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publish: 26-04-2018 to 31-12-2018