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Mary Woodcock Kroble
Thursday 10 June 2010
Date: 17 November 2010
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Speaker: David Borchers and Carl Donovan (CREEM)


David Borchers

I’ll be giving an overview of my current and recent research. This includes mark-recapture distance sampling methods, spatially explicit capture-recapture methods, using hidden Markov models (HMMs) to model Scottish fishing vessel fishing behavour from “vessel monitoring system” data (i.e. GPS tags on vessels), ¬†using HMMs to model animal availability, dealing with distance measurement errors on distance surveys, some methods for accommodating non-uniform animal distribution on distance sampling surveys, Markov modulated Poisson process models for animal availability on distance sampling surveys, and a few other things.

Carl Donovan

I’ll similarly be giving an overview of current/recent research and the projects I am involved in. Specific examples:

  1. (more on) simulation methods for Environmental Impact Assessments of Sonar/Seismic surveying and Marine installations.
  2. modelling weather impacts on power distribution networks.
  3. adaptive smoothing methods, in particular over “complex” 2D spaces.
  4. boosting methods.

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