The first attempt to map sound sources from the air using an acoustic multirotor drone

Mary Woodcock Kroble
Wednesday 10 June 2020
Date: 4 November 2020
Time: 2:00 pm

Speaker: Filippo Franchini (CREEM)


After 2 years of research and development David Borchers, his PhD student Filippo Franchini and the brother Federico Franchini tested in Laos the first acoustic multirotor drone. This is the first attempt to map acoustically endangered gibbons that are difficult to locate by sight. The project supported by CREEM, National Geographic Society and Association Anoulak allowed us to gain new insights into the use of drones for Aerial Digital Acoustic Surveys (ADAS). A technological, logistical, mental and physical adventure against time to collect precious data that are currently used to develop a new statistical method for terrestrial moving acoustic arrays. The presentation is divided into two parts: 1) Past and future acoustic drone construction challenges and the Laos fieldwork (3 min short video documenting the trip) and 2) the new statistical methodology that we are currently working on.