Some analytical frontiers in analysing camera trap data

Mary Woodcock Kroble
Sunday 10 November 2019
Date: 29 January 2020
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Speaker: Marcus Rowcliffe (Institute of Zoology)


Camera traps have become a core tool for wildlife monitoring, providing a cost-effective means of detecting a wide range of species which are otherwise difficult to observe systematically in the wild. The use of camera traps continues to expand globally, and data are accumulating rapidly, providing a huge opportunity for deeper understanding of mammal ecology, but the analytical methods for making best use of these data have lagged behind the potential. In this talk, I will describe a set of emerging methods for extracting information on animal activity, movement and density from camera trap data for species that are not individually recognisable. I will set out the state of the art in my own research and consider some of the potential opportunities for further statistical and computing development to make the methods more powerful and accessible.

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