Projects involving CREEM’s “Portuguese office”: updates since 2015

Mary Woodcock Kroble
Friday 10 November 2017
Date: 9 January 2018
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Speaker: Tiago Marques (CREEM)


Two years after my last “What I have been up to recently” CREEM seminar, this is the sequel for that same series. I will talk about the different projects I have been involved since 2015, in particular those involving (1) passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) of cetaceans and (2) my pet species, the polar bear.

Regarding PAM projects, the focus will be on projects GROUPAM, looking at depth into the behaviour of beaked whale groups (with some implications for density estimation), and DECAF-TEA, looking at density estimation of beaked whales and fin whales using custom-built 3D bearing sensors, from which 3D locations of vocalizing animals can be obtained. The data is envisaged to be used in both the distance sampling and spatially explicit capture recapture contexts.

Regarding polar bears, I will talk about the results of the 2015 Barents Sea subpopulation survey the upcoming 2021 East Greenland polar bear sub-population survey.

I will sprinkle the talk with a mention of some other smaller projects and unfunded pet projects and outputs that I have been involved with since my last CREEM visit. The talk will conclude with a renewed invitation for visitors to the Portuguese office and details about positions for postdocs in Lisboa, under Portuguese funding, that might attract folks looking for work under a milder climate.

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