Detecting Ecological Interactions in monitored Populations.

Mary Woodcock Kroble
Friday 9 November 2007
Date: 12 March 2008
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

Speaker: Stephen N. Freeman (British Trust for Ornithology)


I shall present a simple log-linear model for series of regular bird counts at a number of survey sites. The model is parameterized in terms of growth rates rather than abundance; this permits easy estimation of these parameters and allows us to model the effects upon population growth of covariates. The latter might be local presence of a competitor or predator, or some management regime, which may themselves vary in space and over time. A recursive relationship permits the expected count at a site to be functionally dependent upon the expected count at the previous visit, rather than replacing the latter with their observed counterparts, as has been used previously.

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